Best Crossbow Shoulder Carrying Sling For Bow Hunting

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Heading out for bow hunting with a crossbow can become quite the endeavor when you’re trekking through forests and fields all day.

The weight of your gear on your back, the constant adjustment of how you’re carrying it, I understand how quickly that excitement can turn into a tiring chore.

It’s this shared experience among hunters that sparked my interest in shoulder slings, these additions are true lifesavers.

A well-chosen single-point sling takes the struggle out of transport and keeps your crossbow within easy reach without hindering movement.

In this article, we’ll navigate the options together to pinpoint the best crossbow sling for you a blend of comfort and convenience that will transform your next hunt into a smooth adventure.

Let’s get ready to tread lighter and smarter!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crossbow Sling

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When choosing a crossbow rifle sling, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, weight distribution, ease of use, design and appearance, and compatibility with your specific crossbow.


The best crossbow shoulder carrying sling needs to withstand the rugged outdoors and constant use.

A sling made of tough materials like neoprene or heavy-duty nylon ensures it won’t snap under the weight of a compound bow, especially during long treks through the wilderness.

Look for features like reinforced stitching and durable swivels that allow quick attachment and detachment without wearing out.

Durability also means protection for your crossbow; you don’t want rough fabric chafing against the stock accessories.

The Quake Claw slings are built to last, gripping onto your shoulder without slipping.

It prevents any unnecessary movement that could damage your bow as you move hands-free through various terrains while bow hunting.

With options like these, I can hike with confidence, knowing my gear will hold up trip after trip.

Weight distribution

Having a well-balanced crossbow sling makes a big difference on long hunting trips.

Carrying my crossbow should never feel like a chore, and with the right weight distribution across my shoulder, it doesn’t have to.

Slings like the Quake Claw are lifesavers in this regard, as they cling securely to your shoulder without slipping off.

This design evenly spreads the load of the crossbow, preventing any one spot on my shoulder from getting too tired or sore.

I really appreciate slings that offer stretch and flexibility because they pull the weight of my bow closer to my body for better stability.

The Hunting Revolution Sling-on is perfect for this, its integrated elastic band nature works wonders by contouring to movements as I trek through woods and up hillsides.

It’s always important that I’m not fighting with an awkwardly swinging crossbow, instead it needs to move with me seamlessly as if it were part of my own gear.

Options like the TenPoint Neoprene Sling take comfort seriously by creating a snug fit around me while providing space for essential accessories like a de-cocking arrow.

Every hunter has their unique preference, which is why there’s such a variety including tactical crossbow slings and even those single point designs that offer quick maneuverability for when every second counts in the wild.

With each step I take, whether quietly stalking prey or covering ground quickly, feeling that steady presence at my side reminds me how vital good weight distribution is when picking out hunting supplies, especially when carrying outdoor equipment like crossbows over varied terrain.

Ease of use

I always look for a crossbow sling that’s hassle-free to work with, especially when I’m out in the field.

The quick release feature on slings like the Barnett is a real game-changer, it lets me remove my crossbow fast without fumbling around.

This ease of use means more time focusing on the hunt and less time wrestling with gear.

Some slings go above and beyond, offering features that blend convenience with comfort.

Take the TenPoint Neoprene Sling, for example, its snug fit is practical and feels good against my shoulder, plus having a special spot for a de-cocking arrow ensures I’m always prepared.

And when hunting involves longer treks into the woods, hands-free carrying options like the Ravin Shoulder Sling or backpack sling make all the difference.

It’s about finding what works smoothly so you can move quietly and stay alert during your bow hunting adventures.

Switching from walking to shooting mode quickly can mean the difference between a missed opportunity and a successful shot.

That’s why I appreciate designs akin to the Safari Sling; they keep my crossbow ready at all times without compromising on carrying comfort.

With these user-friendly features built into various crossbow sling models, it becomes clear how much thought goes into crafting an effortless experience for hunters like me who demand efficiency in their equipment.

Design and appearance

When it comes to the design and appearance of a crossbow shoulder carrying sling, it’s crucial to consider both functionality and style. The right design should provide a secure fit for your crossbow while also reflecting your personal preferences.

When it comes to the design and appearance of a crossbow shoulder carrying sling, it’s crucial to consider both functionality and style. The right design should provide a secure fit for your crossbow while also reflecting your personal preferences.

Many slings come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to choose one that matches your hunting gear or blends into the surrounding environment for camouflage.

Additionally, some slings have extra features such as swivels or crossbow accessories that not only enhance the appearance but also offer practical benefits like adjustability and quick detach capabilities.

The appearance of a crossbow sling isn’t just about aesthetics.

It can also impact how comfortable and convenient it is to use during hunting trips.

Neoprene slings are known for their sleek look while providing a soft texture that rests comfortably on the shoulders.

Compatibility with your crossbow

When choosing a crossbow sling, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility with your specific crossbow model.

Different crossbows have varying dimensions and attachments, so selecting a sling that fits securely and comfortably is essential for hands-free carrying during hunting trips.

It’s important to check for adjustable straps or custom swivels that can accommodate the stock accessories of your crossbow, providing a secure fit without compromising on comfort or safety.

Additionally, considering the weight distribution and balance when selecting a sling will contribute to minimizing strain during extended periods of use in the field.

Ensuring compatibility with your crossbow also involves examining whether the sling allows for quick clip detach functionality or easy installation.

This feature can significantly enhance convenience and efficiency while transitioning between carrying positions or preparing for a shot.

Top Recommended Crossbow Slings

Shooter freedom of movement - ultimate sling.

– Hunting Revolution Sling-on: This innovative crossbow sling offers a hands-free carrying solution, allowing for easy movement when trekking through the woods. Its durable neoprene material provides added comfort and its quick detach swivels make installation a breeze.

– Ultraflex Firearm and Crossbow Sling: With an adjustable design, this sling caters to both firearm and crossbow hunters. The ultraflex sling insert allows for custom fit on any size stock, while the camo pattern adds a touch of stealth to your hunting gear.

– Single Point X-Bow Sling: Designed specifically for crossbows, this sling features a single point connection that evenly distributes the weight of your weapon. Its tactical look and ease of use make it a popular choice among bow hunters.

Hunting Revolution Sling-on

The Hunting Revolution Sling-on is a game-changer for crossbow hunters.

Its comfortable and stretchy strap effortlessly pulls the crossbow in, making it more enjoyable to carry and use.

This handsfree crossbow carrier keeps the weapon secure on your shoulder while moving through rough terrain or tracking prey, allowing for quick and easy access when needed during bow hunting excursions.

The neoprene material ensures durability and comfort, while the swivels provide flexibility for movement without compromising safety.

With its quick detach feature, this tactical crossbow sling allows you to transition from carrying your crossbow to having it at the ready in mere seconds.

Moreover, the Hunting Revolution Sling-on is compatible with most stock accessories and inserts, fitting seamlessly into any bow hunting setup.

Ultraflex Firearm and Crossbow Sling

Crafted with the crossbow hunter in mind, the Ultraflex Firearm and Crossbow Sling is a versatile and durable carrying solution.

Constructed from good quality neoprene material, this sling offers a comfortable feel during extended periods of wear, making it an ideal choice for long hunting trips.

The inclusion of swivels ensures easy maneuverability while keeping the crossbow secure at all times, providing hunters with peace of mind as they navigate through challenging terrains.

The design of the Ultraflex Firearm and Crossbow Sling prioritizes ease of use and quick detach functionality, catering to the practical needs of bow hunters.

Additionally, its compatibility with various stock accessories makes it a suitable option for those seeking a customizable carrying solution for their crossbows.

Single Point X-Bow Sling

The Single Point X-Bow Sling provides a convenient and easy way to carry your crossbow during hunting trips.

It allows for hands-free movement, enabling you to navigate through the woods with ease while keeping your crossbow readily accessible when needed.

The sling is designed for quick detach, ensuring that you can swiftly remove the crossbow from the sling when it’s time to take a shot.

With its neoprene construction and swivels, this sling offers both comfort and functionality, making it an essential accessory for bow hunters.

Crafted specifically for bow hunting enthusiasts, the Single Point X-Bow Sling ensures that your crossbow remains secure and within reach at all times.

Its durable materials provide peace of mind during long hikes or challenging terrain, allowing you to focus on the hunt without worrying about carrying your equipment.

Benefits and Features of Each Recommended Sling

The Hunting Revolution Sling-on is made of durable neoprene material and features quick detach swivels for easy installation.

The Ultraflex Firearm and Crossbow Sling offers a comfortable design with adjustable inserts for weight distribution.

The Single Point X-Bow Sling provides hands-free carrying and compatibility with compound bows.

Materials used

The materials used in crossbow slings play a crucial role in their performance and durability.

Many top-quality slings are crafted from durable neoprene, which provides a comfortable yet sturdy hold on the shoulder.

Additionally, some slings feature high-quality swivels and stock accessories that enhance the overall carrying experience.

The use of inserts, quick detach mechanisms, and tactical designs ensures that these slings cater to various preferences and needs for bow hunters seeking hands-free convenience during hunting expeditions.

The choice of materials also influences the appearance and camouflage properties of crossbow slings, making them suitable for outdoor activities such as bow hunting.

By using materials designed with both comfort and functionality in mind, crossbow enthusiasts can enjoy a more enjoyable and efficient hunting experience while keeping their gear secure at all times.


The design of a crossbow carrying sling is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics.

The materials used play a significant role in ensuring durability, while the overall design should ensure proper weight distribution and ease of use.

For instance, slings with neoprene padding provide added comfort during long hunting trips, while camouflage or tactical designs offer an element of stealth.

A quick detach feature adds convenience when needed, allowing for swift disengagement without sacrificing shoulder security.

Swivels or inserts designed to fit specific crossbow models enhance compatibility and ensure a secure attachment.

Speaking of designs, some slings are tailored specifically for certain crossbow models like Ravin Shoulder Sling which fits all Ravin models perfectly.

Moreover, single point slings can be a preferred option due to their simplicity and easy handling during hunting excursions.


When it comes to selecting the right crossbow sling, comfort is a crucial factor.

A comfortable sling can make a significant difference during long hunting crossbow trips, ensuring that you remain focused and ready for action.

For instance, the Hunting Revolution Sling-on is lauded for its stretchy and plush extra strong 1.25-inch shoulder strap that securely holds the crossbow in place, making it more comfortable to carry for extended periods.

Similarly, the TenPoint Neoprene Sling offers a highly comfortable feel and includes a designated space for storing a de-cocking arrow, adding convenience while prioritizing comfort.

In addition to recommending specific slings known for their comfort features such as neoprene material or stretchy straps.

I’ll share tips on what to look out for when considering a bow slings comfort level.

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

After exploring the top recommended crossbow slings, it’s clear that there are several options to consider for bow hunting.

Each sling offers unique benefits such as comfort, durability, and hands-free carrying.

Whether looking for a stretchy strap or an adjustable strap design, hunters can find a suitable option based on their specific needs and preferences.

It’s essential to assess factors like weight distribution and compatibility with your crossbow when making the final decision on which sling to invest in.

These slings provide the convenience and support needed for a successful and enjoyable hunting experience.

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