Here’s My Story

Nathan Derricks

I’m Nathan Derricks, and I’m here to help you hit your mark.

Archery is essentially what kept me grounded when I was a kid.

I started when I was fourteen, and I’ve never looked back.

I was fortunate enough to live on a sizeable property where we could set up targets in the backyard, and eventually I had a few friends who were into it as well.

That’s when I admittedly got a bit bossy, and kept correcting them about form and helping them figure out how to shoot straight. You could say I was a bit obsessed.

I kept working on my abilities as time went on, and that passion turned into

There’s so much more than just pulling back on a string and firing. There’s a scientific element to archery that’s absolutely exhilarating to explore and figure out, which is one of the things I plan on doing right here.

I’ve figured out that archery is a combination of skill and willpower, and it can be used to train so many other aspects of your life.

Are you not disciplined enough?

Land ten bullseyes in a row before you can stop. Can’t wake up in the morning? Set that alarm and start your morning with fifty shots into that backyard target.

Archery is a hobby for some, and it may be for you, but for me it’s a core part of every single day of my life. I shoot competitively, I hunt, and I do this in my off-time.

Between determination, aim, physical strength and sharpening my depth perception, I’m able to do far more than I ever dreamed I could with a bow and a full quiver. Now it’s time to help you do the same.

It’s difficult to explain what archery really means to different people, but for me, it was always the constant in my life.

There were hardships in my youth, difficult times that I wouldn’t wish my worst enemies to endure. Part of how I got through it all was thanks to archery.

There’s no greater metric of measuring your ability, testing yourself, and breaking through challenges than archery. That’s my belief, and once we get a bow in your hand, I think it will become yours as well.

I made to bring you the facts about archery, the best bows and equipment, and explain the history behind one of mankind’s greatest innovations of all time.

Are you ready to learn?

Use this free resource to sharpen your skills and hone your craft. Archery teaches us so much more than just how to hit a target, so get to it, and let me be your guide along the way.