10 Best Fastest Reloading Crossbow: Complete Guide and Reviews 2024

Are you exhausted with slow reloading crossbows during your battle encounters?

The revolution in your archery experience is here with Fast Reload Crossbows.

In this guide, we delve into the reasons why these rapid-fire weapons are the key to success in both combat and hunting scenarios.

We present you with the top 10 hand crossbow on the market, designed for ultimate speed and precision.

A key feature of these crossbows is the Quick Release Mechanism.

This allows for rapid reloading, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency in the field.

Coupled with the Advanced Cocking System, this heavy crossbow facilitates lightning-fast safe de-cocking, ensuring you’re always prepared for the next shot.

Another standout feature is the Optimized Bolt Size.

This is designed to strike the perfect balance between speed and accuracy, delivering unmatched performance.

The ergonomic design of these crossbows improves maneuverability and comfort, allowing for swift and precise aiming.

Above all, these crossbows offer unparalleled speed, free action, boasting the fastest reloading time in the industry, giving you a significant advantage in any fast-paced combat scenario.

Detailed Review of Fastest Reloading Best Crossbow

Our detailed review focuses on the fastest reloading crossbows on the market.

These crossbows have been specifically designed for speed and accuracy, ensuring you never miss a target.

The balance between speed and reload time is perfect, providing an unmatched advantage in any combat situation.

Whether for hunting or for defense, these crossbows redefine the archery experience with their rapid firing and reloading capabilities.

Ravin R 500 – Top Speed Bow

The Ravin R500 stands as the top speed bow among the fastest and most accurate crossbows available.

This light crossbow that shoots up to 462 fps is not just impressive but also safe, easy to use, and accurate.

Sporting a narrow profile and a string life of 200 shots or 2 years, the R500 is a worthy investment.

It’s designed to deliver 0.6 slug fps of momentum with a 600-grain arrow at a speed of 300 fps at point-blank.

The compound bow consistently grouped with field points when tested with multiple groups with a 100-grain SEVR.

Distinguishing Features

The Ravin R500 comes with a range of distinguishing features.

Among them, the crank handle stands out for its ease of use.

However, users should note that attaching the bolts onto the string can be somewhat challenging.

Despite this minor downside, the R500 remains one of the most powerful crossbow on the market, with greater accuracy.

Another notable feature is the R500’s speed.

Despite its compact size, the R500 can achieve impressive speeds, thanks to its unique design and advanced technology.

This feature, combined with its accuracy, makes the R500 an ideal choice for both hunting and combat situations.

Speed and Accuracy

The Ravin R500 boasts of an impressive speed with a labradar doppler chronograph recording it at a staggering 515 fps using 400-grain bolts.

This top speed bow delivers a slug fps of momentum that ensures a deadly precision in every shot.

The accuracy of this bow isn’t compromised, thanks to the centerpunch bolts that contribute to its consistent performance.

On the other hand, the TenPoint Nitro 505’s speed, while slightly lower at 462 fps, still offers a competitive edge.

This compound bow, equipped with a tenpoint flatline 460, can deliver a 600-grain arrow at a speed of 300 fps at point-blank range.

Moreover, it maintains accuracy even at distances ranging from 20 to 45 yards, which is a testament to its superior design and build.

TenPoint Nitro 505 – All-around Excellent Choice

One of the fastest crossbow in the world, the TenPoint Nitro 505, reigns supreme due to its exceptional features.

From a 300-pound draw weight to a cam design that ensures a silent cocking, this fast crossbow is an accurate and efficient shooting machine.

Its S1 trigger and 17-inch power stroke enhance the overall speed and accuracy.

Although it may be 40 fps slower than some crossbows, the Nitro 505 weeds out flyers and guarantees consistent broadhead accuracy, making it an all-around excellent choice for any hunting enthusiast.

Key Specifications

The TenPoint Nitro 505 incorporates a unique cam design that enables silent cocking, a key feature that hunters will appreciate.

It has a powerful 300-pound draw weight and an impressive 17-inch power stroke.

But one feature that sets it apart is the S1 trigger, which is disconnected from the internal mechanism, thus enhancing the speed and accuracy of the crossbow.

Despite being 40 fps slower than some of its competitors, the Nitro 505 offers consistent broadhead accuracy.

Its ability to weed out flyers is attributed to its superior design and build quality.

The Nitro 505 is, therefore, a high-performing rapid reload crossbow that delivers in terms of speed, power, and precision.

Cocking and Loading Capability

The Nitro 505’s cocking and loading capabilities are top-notch, thanks to the ease of use of the crank handle.

The crossbow’s design allows for a smooth cock and load process, making it user-friendly even for beginners.

The silent cocking feature, a result of the cam design, also aids in the overall cocking and loading experience.

Aside from the ease of use, the Nitro 505 is highly efficient even in quick hunting scenarios.

The crank handle design allows for a swift and silent operation, proving its effectiveness in the field.

With the Nitro 505, you can expect a seamless shooting experience with a quick turnover time between shots.

Wicked Ridge Raider 400 De-Cock – Best Value for Money

For those looking for the best value for money, the Wicked Ridge Raider 400 De-Cock is an excellent choice.

This repeating crossbow impresses with its light weight and adjustable length of pull, making it easy to cock and de-cock with a rope cocker.

Despite its affordable price point, the Raider 400 De-Cock does not compromise on performance, offering a high speed of 378 fps and a reliable shooting accuracy.

First impressions are indeed worth a lot, and the Wicked Ridge Raider 400 De-Cock certainly makes a great one.


The CenterPoint Wrath 430 stands out in the realm of high-speed crossbows, offering a unique blend of affordability and power.

This crossbow, known for its compact bullpup design, is ideal for hunters who value portability and convenience.

Despite its polymer stock, which may seem cheap at first glance, the Wrath 430 performs exceptionally well, showing that it is not just about looks but more on functionality.

One significant note about the Wrath 430 is its association with the renowned Ravin brand.

As sister companies, CenterPoint and Ravin share technology, which is evident in the Wrath 430’s performance and design.

The Wrath 430 is priced at a reasonable $800 MSRP, making it an affordable high-speed type of crossbow on the market.

Reliability and Efficiency

The Wrath 430 is highly reliable and efficient. It boasts a speed of 430 fps, which is quite impressive for its price range.

The crossbow’s cocking mechanism, although occasionally sticking on the stock, is simple to use with a rope cocker or a crank handle.

When the bow is cocked, it provides a seamless and quick shooting experience.

In terms of efficiency, the Wrath 430 is hard to beat. Its increased speed and accuracy, as well as its compact design, make it an excellent choice for hunting.

Despite the heavy trigger pull, the Wrath 430 is the fourth-most accurate crossbow tested, hitting a 3-inch group average at 50 yards.

CenterPoint Wrath 430 – Affordable High Speed

The CenterPoint Wrath 430, with its economical price tag and high advertised speed, is an excellent choice for those seeking affordability without compromising performance.

This crossbow delivers a unique combination of speed, accuracy, and compactness, making it a popular choice among hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

Notable Features

The Wrath 430 crossbow comes packed with notable features that contribute to its performance and reliability.

One of these is the bullpup design, which keeps the crossbow compact and balances it well for offhand shooting.

Another impressive feature is the Wrath 430’s crank, which inserts into the stock, making cocking and reloading a breeze.

The crossbow also comes with a rail lube, which helps in maintaining the crossbow’s performance over time.

Despite the polymer stock giving the crossbow a cheap feel, it does not affect the performance.

This crossbow is at the upper end of what is considered a budget bow, making it a great value for money.

Its heavy trigger pull, while noticeable, does not detract from its accuracy, making it one of the most accurate crossbows on the market.

Speed and Handling

The CenterPoint Wrath 430 is known for its impressive speed, reaching up to 430 fps.

This speed, coupled with its compact design, makes it an excellent tool for hunting.

The crossbow’s safety features are also highly commendable.

Despite its high speed, the Wrath 430 remains stable and easy to control during shooting.

Additionally, the Wrath 430’s crank handle and cocking rope contribute to its easy handling.

These features allow for quick and efficient reloading, a critical factor during hunting scenarios or target practice.

With such excellent speed and handling, the Wrath 430 stands among the top choices for affordable high-speed crossbows.

Barnett Hyper XP 405 – Optimal Hunting Tool

The Barnett Hyper XP 405 is an optimal hunting tool designed for seasoned crossbow hunters.

This crossbow is a fantastic choice for those seeking both speed and accuracy.

It’s loaded with features that make it stand out among other crossbows in its price range.

Performance Overview

One of the most notable features of the Hyper XP 405 is its unique Triggertech trigger.

Known for its reliability and smoothness, this trigger enhances the shooting experience by offering a crisp and clean break.

It also ensures a high level of safety, making it a popular choice among crossbow hunters.

Another characteristic that makes the Hyper XP 405 stand out is its use of micro-diameter bolts.

These bolts are expensive but provide excellent accuracy and penetration, making them worth the investment.

It can deliver tight groups at 50 yards, which is impressive for a crossbow in this price range.

Speed and Cocking Evaluation

The Hyper XP 405 does not disappoint when it comes to speed.

With a velocity of 407 fps, it can deliver deadly force at range, making it ideal for hunting situations.

However, it’s essential to note that cocking the crossbow can be a bit challenging, especially for beginners.

Using a rope cocker can help ease the process and ensure a secure and consistent cock each time.

Despite its speed and power, the Hyper XP 405 still manages to maintain a compact and lightweight design.

The collapsible stock is not only excellent for fitting the crossbow to the shooter but also reduces its size for easy transportation.

The stock is also comfortable, with rubber over-molding around the grip for additional comfort.

Barnett Whitetail 400 XTR – Perfect for Beginners

For beginners, the Barnett Whitetail 400 XTR is an excellent choice.

It offers many of the same features as the Hyper XP 405, including the Triggertech trigger and an ergonomic stock.

However, it stands apart with its use of standard-diameter bolts, which are more affordable and thus more appealing to novice crossbow hunters in recent years.

Key Features

The Whitetail 400 XTR stands out with its intuitive design and user-friendly features.

It uses an integrated string and a string hook for a smooth and safe cocking process, making it perfect for beginners.

The Triggertech trigger, shared with the Hyper XP 405, ensures a clean and crisp break, enhancing the shooting experience.

The balance of the Whitetail 400 XTR also deserves mention.

Its well-balanced design facilitates steady shooting from various field positions, giving it a feel much lighter than its actual 7-pound weight.

Additionally, the rubber over-molding on the cheek rest, grip, and stirrup enhances comfort and reduces any noise generated during shooting.

Loading and Speed Features

The Barnett Whitetail 400 XTR is a crossbow type that prioritizes both speed and accuracy.

This design consideration ensures that whether you’re a beginner or a skilled archer, you’ll have an exceptional shooting experience.

Its unique design allows for quick and easy loading, reducing the time between shots and increasing your chances of a successful hunt.

Moreover, it offers a great balance between speed and accuracy.

With a firing speed that can reach up to 400 feet per second, it provides the fast action that hunters require.

In addition, its advanced loading mechanism ensures that each bolt is accurately positioned, enhancing the precision of each shot.

Tactical Vs. Speed Crossbows

When it comes to crossbows, there are two main types to consider: tactical and speed crossbows.

Tactical crossbows are usually smaller, more compact, and designed for self-defense or small game hunting.

On the other hand, speed crossbows are designed with hunting in mind, where speed and accuracy are of utmost importance.

Choosing between the two will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Comparison of Tactical Crossbows for Defense Purposes

Comparing different tactical crossbows reveals one common feature: they all prioritize smooth cocking and rapid reloading, along with an impressive crossbow speed.

This is essential for defense purposes, where swift action is often required.

A tactical crossbow with an easy-to-use self-cocking mechanism, for instance, allows for quick reaction times and better success during hunting or defense scenarios.

Pistol Crossbow – Handheld and Tactical

One notable example of a tactical crossbow is the Pistol Crossbow.

It’s a handheld device that is both compact and light, making it perfect for small game hunting or personal defense.

The Pistol Crossbow is designed for ease of use, with a quick and smooth cocking mechanism that allows for rapid reloading and firing.

Despite its small size, the Pistol Grip Crossbow does not compromise on speed.

It can generate a speed of up to 160 FPS, providing a powerful shot every time.

Furthermore, its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and handle, even in the most demanding scenarios.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Crossbow – Precision and Speed

The Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Crossbow is another excellent choice that combines precision and speed.

This recurve crossbow is designed for accuracy, with a unique design that allows you to cock the crossbow with minimal effort.

This results in a seamless shooting experience with increased precision and speed.

Moreover, the Cobra System Crossbow is known for its impressive speed.

It’s capable of delivering a bolt at a high velocity, ensuring a successful and efficient hunt.

Whether you’re a seasoned archer or a novice, the Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Crossbow provides a balance of speed, precision, and ease of use that sets it apart from other models on the market.

Speed Crossbow Analysis for Hunting

When it comes to hunting, the speed and accuracy of your crossbow are important factors.

Fast reload crossbows not only minimize downtime but also increase efficiency in the field.

Their advanced cocking systems provide lightning-fast reloading, ensuring you’re always ready for the next shot.

The crossbow is a powerful weapon designed for a perfect balance between speed and accuracy, providing unmatched performance in hunting scenarios.

Excalibur TwinStrike TAC2 – Fastest Recurve Crossbow

The Excalibur TwinStrike TAC2 takes the lead when it comes to fastest recurve crossbows.

One of its key features is the ability to deliver two follow-up shots in quick succession.

The TAC2 system embedded in this crossbow ensures that you don’t miss out on any hunting opportunities due to slow reloading.

Another key feature is the crossbow’s speed.

The TAC2 system not only enhances the reload speed but also improves the accuracy of your shots.

This makes the Excalibur TwinStrike TAC2 an excellent choice for any hunting expedition.

BearX Intense Ready To Shoot Crossbow Package – Compact and Speedy

The BearX Intense Ready To Shoot Crossbow Package is another top-notch speed crossbow.

It comes with a cocking rope that assists in quick and easy reloading.

The package also includes an anti-dry fire trigger that prevents accidental discharges, increasing your safety while hunting.

What sets the BearX Intense apart is its compact design coupled with impressive speed.

The crossbow allows for quick follow-up shots, ensuring that you never miss a target.

Its combination of speed, compactness, and safety make it a top choice for hunters.

Product Testing Process

In order to determine the best fastest reloading crossbow, a thorough product testing process is crucial.

This process involves detailed testing of speed, accuracy, and reloading capability of each crossbow.

The goal is to provide a comprehensive review of each product, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Speed and Accuracy Testing

Speed and accuracy are critical factors in determining the effectiveness of a crossbow.

To measure these parameters, a Labradar Doppler chronograph is used.

This device tracks projectiles downrange and provides speeds at various distances, enabling an accurate assessment of the crossbow’s performance.

The Nitro 505, for instance, registered a speed of 515 fps using 400-grain bolts.

The CenterPunch bolts used in the Nitro 505, however, brought the speed down to 488 fps.

The testing process also averaged a 3-inch group at 50 yards using TenPoint Pro Elite bolts, demonstrating exceptional accuracy.

Chronograph: Labradar for Speed Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to crossbows.

To ensure the speed accuracy of the fastest reloading crossbows, a Labradar chronograph is a tool of choice.

This state-of-the-art device uses radar technology to measure the exact speed of each shot, providing a reliable benchmark for speed comparison.

Moreover, Labradar has a distinct advantage over traditional chronographs.

It can measure the speed of the bolt at multiple distances, not just at the muzzle.

This allows for a more detailed analysis of the speed consistency, which is crucial for accuracy, especially in long-range shooting scenarios.

Shooting Rest: Caldwell Lead Sled for Stability

Stability is another key factor in crossbow shooting.

The Caldwell Lead Sled shooting rest helps to maintain stability while testing the fastest reloading crossbows.

It secures the crossbow firmly, eliminating any inadvertent movement that can skew the accuracy of the shot.

Moreover, the Lead Sled’s design absorbs the recoil efficiently, allowing for quick and precise follow-up shots.

This is particularly important when examining the reloading speed, as the minor movement from the recoil can affect the shooter’s ability to cock and load the crossbow quickly.

Cocking and Loading Examination

Testing the cocking and loading process of loaded crossbows is an essential part of the review.

The aim is to assess how quickly a shooter can ready the crossbow for the next shot, especially at close range.

This involves examining the crank handle and other cocking mechanisms.

The Nitro 505, for example, is noted for its ease of cocking and loading, requiring minimal effort, which aids in speedy reloading.

Ease of Cocking and Reloading

One of the crucial aspects of a crossbow’s performance is the ease with which it can be cocked and loaded.

The crank handle plays an important role in this process.

A well-designed handle can significantly reduce the effort required to pull back the string, enabling faster reloading.

For instance, the R500’s crank handle is known for its ergonomic design and smooth operation.

It provides a comfortable grip, reducing strain on the shooter’s hand, and its efficient mechanism ensures quick and effortless cocking, making it ideal for situations where speed is of the essence.

Effectiveness in Quick Hunting Scenarios

The effectiveness of the fastest reloading crossbows in quick hunting scenarios is a vital part of the evaluation.

A crossbow with fast reloading capability can help the hunter take multiple shots in quick succession, increasing the chances of a successful hunt.

However, speed alone is not enough.

An excellent crossbow must also have accurate shooting and reliable cocking mechanisms.

This is where the Nitro 505 excels.

Its easy-to-use crank handle and quick loading system, coupled with its high-speed shooting, make it an effective tool in quick hunting scenarios.

Ringing Off The Bolts – Final Thoughts on Fastest Reloading Crossbows

As we conclude our review of the fastest reloading crossbows, it’s evident that technology has advanced tremendously in this field.

High-performing crossbows, such as the Ravin R500 and TenPoint Nitro 505, have set a new standard in the speed race among crossbows.

While these products can reach incredible speeds above 500 fps, they are also some of the most expensive bows on the market, with prices starting around $3000 and often climbing higher.

Nevertheless, these pioneering technologies are gradually filtering down to more affordable models.

This trend is evident in Outdoor Life Crossbow Test results, where several crossbows under $1000 achieved over 400 fps, an impressive feat a few years back.

The compound crossbow Flatline 460 is a perfect example of this, offering great speed, build quality, and accuracy without breaking the bank.

Regardless of your budget, the best crossbows should combine speed, accuracy, and ease of reloading.

Both the Barnett Whitetail 400 XTR and Killer Instinct are prime examples, featuring efficient pistol grips and aiming points for precision.

However, these may trigger fires 20 fps slower than the top-of-the-range models.

But remember, the best tactical crossbow isn’t necessarily the fastest or the most expensive one.

It’s the one that best suits your hunting or defense needs.

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