Hunting Moccasins for Bow Hunting: Top Picks and Essential Guide

As a bowhunter, I understand the importance of stealth and silence when stalking prey.

Hunting moccasins are an essential part of a traditional hunter’s arsenal, designed to provide maximum comfort and noise reduction while navigating through the wilderness.

These quietly efficient shoes have been utilized by indigenous hunters for centuries and continue to be a popular choice for the modern bowhunter.

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When searching for the perfect pair of hunting moccasins, it is essential to find a durable and functional design that can withstand the elements and provide the necessary support for extended periods on the hunt.

Some of the best option available today include Lone Peak Leather Co.’s Stalkasins and Gill’s Primitive Archery Moccasins, offering a variety of designs to suit the needs of any bowhunter.

As an experienced hunter, I know that the right boots can make a world of difference in success on the hunt.

Investing in a quality pair of hunting moccasins will not only enhance your stealth capabilities but also provide long-lasting legendary comfort, allowing you to focus on the art of bowhunting.

The Advantages of Hunting Moccasins

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Stealth Movement

One significant advantage of hunting moccasins is their ability to provide stealth movement.

As a hunter, I’ve noticed that wearing moccasins allows me to move quietly through the forest, stalking my prey with minimal noise.

This is due to their thin soles and flexible design.

In fact, indigenous deer hunters have been known to wear moccasins for their silent movement as well.

Key features of moccasins that promote stealth movement:

  • Thin soles
  • Soft, flexible material
  • Noise reduction

This stealthy advantage is essential for bow hunting, since getting close to your prey without alerting them greatly increases your chances of a successful hunt.

Comfort and Fit

Moccasins are not only great for stealth, but they also offer exceptional comfort and fit.

As a bow hunter, I understand the importance of wearing comfortable footwear during long days of hunting.

Moccasins are designed to adapt to the shape of your feet over time, providing a snug fit without restricting movement.

Moreover, their soft materials help reduce the likelihood of blisters and other discomforts.

Here’s a summary of moccasins’ attributes contributing to comfort and fit:

  • Adaptable to the shape of your feet
  • Flexible ankle support
  • Reduced risk of blisters

As a hunter, it is crucial to maintain focus on the hunt and not be distracted by discomfort.

Hunting moccasins offer both stealth and comfort, making them an ideal choice for bow hunters looking to maximize their advantages in the field.

Key Features of Hunting Moccasins

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Quality Materials

I’ve found that a great deal on a pair of hunting moccasins is made from high-quality materials like leather, suede, and genuine moose hide.

American sourced and American tanned materials are often considered the best choice for durability and comfort on the market today.

Leather soles play a vital role in a good pair of moccasins, protecting my cold feet with wool socks from rocks and sticks on the forest floor in cold weather and other extreme conditions.

Soft sole moccasins also allow me to feel what’s beneath my wet feet before I drop all my weight with each step, an essential aspect of bow hunting.


In my opinion, well-crafted, handmade hunting moccasins provide a level of comfort and functionality that mass-produced alternatives can’t match.

The attention to detail ensures that the moccasin is both durable and able to withstand frequent outdoor use.

When it comes to archery hunting the best boots, a high-quality moccasin ensures a more silent, stealthy approach while stalking prey.

The light weight and close-to-the-ground design helps improve my stalking abilities and gives me the confidence needed during a hunt.

I’ve observed that some of these moccasins have added features such as padding and heavier double leather soles for additional support, which can be beneficial for extended periods of walking or stalking in the wild.

By combining durable materials and expert craftsmanship, these moccasins deliver a reliable and valuable piece of equipment for bow hunting enthusiasts like myself.

Design Elements for Efficiency

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Sole Flexibility

When hunting in the outdoors, walking through rugged woods or dense bush, having a pair of moccasins with a flexible sole is essential.

I’ve found that such flexibility allows my feet to easily adjust to the rugged terrain, whether it’s uneven ground, rocks, or hidden obstacles.

This not only helps me move more comfortably and efficiently but also enables me to be quieter and more stealthy while stalking my prey.

Protection in the Wild

Of course, having a comfortable fit and a responsive sole isn’t the only concern when choosing moccasins for bow hunting.

Protection is also crucial.

Many moccasins designed for hunting feature a reinforced upper that offers added protection against sharp objects, such as twigs or rocks, I might encounter while traversing the wilderness.

These additional layers often include materials like open cell foam or breathable, yet durable fabrics that work together to keep my feet safe without compromising on comfort or performance.

In conclusion, the design elements of my hunting moccasins greatly contribute to their efficiency by offering enhanced sole flexibility and protection.

This allows me to better navigate the many challenges I face in the wilderness while maintaining my confidence and focus on the hunt.

Selecting the Right Moccasins for Bow Hunting

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Weight Considerations

When heading out for a bow hunting session, it is essential to wear lightweight and comfortable footwear.

I always prefer hunting moccasins that weigh around 6 oz because they are ultralight and provide easy maneuverability.

Wearing heavy shoes can tire me out faster and make it difficult to remain silent when stalking my quarry.

Hunting in lightweight moccasins allows me to focus on my prey, especially when hunting animals like deer, without worrying about the little extra weight of my gear.

The lighter my footwear, the easier it is for me to move through the woods, making less noise and delicately navigating over sticks and leaves.

Adaptability to Environment

Apart from weight, another important factor I consider while choosing moccasins for bow hunting is their adaptability to the environment.

The ideal moccasins should be durable enough to hold up to various rocky terrain, whether it’s rocky slopes or wet and muddy ground.

This makes it crucial to invest in moccasins with a sturdy construction and quality materials like full grain American cowhide.

Moreover, good hunting moccasins should provide efficient grip and stability, allowing me to maintain my balance in various hunting situations

A secure footing helps me approach my target with confidence while reducing the risk of slipping or falling.

When considering adaptability, I also look for moccasins that have some degree of camouflage or match the surroundings where I hunt, which can be an added advantage for getting closer to my target without being easily detected.

In short, selecting the right moccasins for bow hunting mainly involves considering the weight and adaptability to the environment.

By keeping these factors in mind and prioritizing comfort and durability, I can fully concentrate on my bow hunting experience, stalk my prey silently, and increase my chances of success.

Moccasins vs. Traditional Hunting Boots

Noise Reduction

When it comes to bow hunting, silent stalking is key.

I have found that choosing the right footwear can make all the difference in noise reduction.

Traditional hunting boots, while protective and rugged, can produce too much noise with their thick soles, often alerting prey to my presence.

On the other hand, moccasins provide a quieter alternative with less surface area touching the ground, significantly reducing noise levels.

This allows me to move through crunchy leaves and breaking twigs without disturbing the environment as much.

Some features of moccasins that contribute to noise reduction:

  • Soft, pliable soles
  • Smaller footprints
  • Lightweight and flexible design

Terrain Handling

A key aspect of hunting is being able to traverse a variety of terrains with ease and agility.

While traditional hunting boots can provide stability and support in rugged environments, I find that moccasins offer a unique advantage when it comes to uneven terrain handling.

Their flexible build helps me adapt to the ground below, offering a more natural and comfortable experience.

Moreover, moccasins can still provide a level of protection and grip, depending on the type and design.

I prefer choosing ones with added durability and traction for my hunting excursions.

To summarize, here are a few advantages of moccasins in terrain handling:

  • Greater flexibility and adaptability to various terrains
  • Natural and comfortable fit
  • Can be selected for added durability and traction

In conclusion, my experience with moccasins in bow hunting has proven them to excel in providing noise reduction and terrain handling capabilities that often outshine any other type of boot.

Making the switch to moccasins has allowed me to sneak up on my prey more efficiently and comfortably, improving my overall bow hunting success, just by getting the right pair of boots.

Maintenance and Durability of Moccasins

Proper Care

In order to ensure that my hunting moccasins remain durable and comfortable, proper care is essential.

On a regular basis I clean my moccasins to remove dirt and debris, using a soft-bristled brush or cloth to gently wipe the surface.

It’s crucial to choose the appropriate cleaning method based on the material of the moccasins.

For example, leather moccasins require a leather cleaner, while suede moccasins should be cleaned with a suede-specific product or solution.

Waterproof protection is another important factor to consider, as it helps protect my moccasins from potential water damage.

I use a video tutorial to reference waterproofing techniques, which can be helpful and is a big deal when learning how to treat my hunting moccasins.


The longevity of my hunting moccasins mostly depends on their quality and the type of materials used.

Handmade moccasins, like those offered by Lone Peak Leather Co., are often made with durable leather and feature a leather sole to provide optimal traction during hunts.

As for the insole, choosing a moccasin with a Microban® treated insole can help prevent odor and bacteria from forming.

It’s important to examine the stitches and overall construction of the moccasins to ensure they are strong and resilient.

By following proper care guidelines and investing in high-quality, handmade hunting moccasins, I can expect my footwear to last for multiple hunting seasons, providing me with a comfortable and functional option for my bow hunting activities.

Buying Guide for Hunters

Sizing and Fit

As a hunter, it’s crucial to have the right-sized moccasins to ensure a comfortable and noiseless hunting experience.

Proper fit is essential, especially for those with sensitive feet.

When choosing your moccasins, pay attention to the available sizes and any sizing recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

In some cases, the moccasins may conform to your feet after some usage, so breaking them in is important.

Here’s a handy list to help you find the right-sized moccasins for yourself:

  • Measure your feet: Grab a ruler and measure the length of your feet from heel to toe
  • Refer to the sizing chart: Check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to find the appropriate size
  • Consider insoles: If you require additional support, look for moccasins that can accommodate insoles

Customer Support

While you might not immediately associate customer service with hunting moccasins, it can be a game-changer if you encounter any issues with your purchase.

For instance, a moccasin may require replacement lower part of the boot, or you might need assistance with sizing.

Good customer support ensures that your investment in quality hunting moccasins is protected.

To assess the customer support of a moccasin brand, consider:

  • Response time: When you submit an inquiry, how quickly do they reply?
  • Product warranty: Does the brand offer a warranty on their best moccasins?
  • Return policy: What is their policy regarding returns and exchanges?
  • Online resources: Are there informative resources readily available, such as FAQs or video tutorials?

By considering these factors when purchasing your hunting moccasins, you’ll likely end up with a high-quality, comfortable pair that will serve you well on your backcountry bow-hunting expeditions.

Always remember the importance of sizing, fit, and customer support in making your decision, as well as using extra pair of socks if needed.

The Cultural Significance of Real Moccasins

Moccasins hold a special place in Native American culture.

Crafted for centuries, these traditional footwear are not only functional, but they also represent an art form that has been passed down through generations.

As a dedicated bow hunter using primitive archery, I appreciate moccasins for their unique combination of functionality and cultural heritage.

In my experience, moccasins are incredibly comfortable, thanks to their handmade nature, which allows them to perfectly fit every individual’s feet.

hey are often made of soft materials like leather, providing excellent protection and support during my hunting expeditions, during cold temperatures, extreme heat and tough conditions.

Wearing moccasins during bow hunting connects me to the rich indigenous traditions of my ancestors.

When I put on my moccasins, I’m reminded of the traditional craftsmanship involved in their creation.

Each pair is unique and reflects the artistic expression of its maker.

The process of creating moccasins is a laborious one, involving intricate hand-sewn techniques that showcase the attention to detail and precision of Native American sewing and manufacturing.

It’s meaningful for me to be able to wear something that signifies my roots and celebrates an authentic cultural practice while I hone my bow hunting skills.

This connection between nature, culture, and respect for the animals we hunt is deeply rooted in the Indigenous worldview and consequently strengthens my appreciation for the natural world.

In summary, wearing moccasins during bow hunting not only provides comfort and breathable protection, its a perfect addition and a excellent feel.

By choosing traditional, handmade moccasins, I honor the history, artistry, and presence of my ancestors and contribute to the preservation of an important cultural tradition.

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