Best Selection of Bolts for TenPoint Crossbow: Expert Recommendations and Top Picks

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High-performance crossbows have rapidly gained popularity in recent years, not only for hunting but also for target shooting. Among the various brands, TenPoint is a well-reputed name in the crossbow world. To achieve optimal performance with a TenPoint crossbow, it is essential to select the right pack of bolts, as they can significantly impact precision and accuracy.

TenPoint offers a variety of highest quality bolts, specifically engineered for use with their crossbows. They range from lightweight to heavy weight hitting, ensuring that there is something to meet every archer’s needs. Some of TenPoint’s top crossbow bolts include the 20″ Pro Lite Carbon Arrow and the 20″ Tenpoint Pro Elite Carbon Arrow.

In this article, we will explore the main factors to consider when choosing the best bolts for your TenPoint crossbow and provide insights into some top-performing, highly recommended options.

Understanding Crossbow Bolts

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Materials and Construction

Crossbow bolts are typically made from two main materials: carbon and aluminum. Carbon bolts are known for their high strength and lightweight properties, making them a popular choice for many TenPoint crossbow users. Carbon crossbow bolts offer more durability due to their ability to flex and return to their original shape without permanent bending. On the other hand, aluminum bolts are relatively cheaper and provide a good balance of weight and durability; however, they may not offer the same level of performance as carbon bolts in terms of greater speed and accuracy

The construction of a crossbow bolt includes a few essential components such as the shaft, fletching, nock, and the inserted point. The shaft is the primary part of the bolt that determines its weight, stiffness, and overall performance. For TenPoint crossbows, the Pro Lite Carbon Arrow and the Pro Elite Carbon Arrow are among the popular choices available today.

Bolt Length and Weight

Bolt length and weight have a significant impact on the performance of a crossbow. It is crucial to carefully select the appropriate length and weight to achieve the desired result.

TenPoint crossbow bolts come in various weights, divided into three categories:

  1. Light Arrows: 350-399 grains
  2. Standard Arrows: 400-459 grains
  3. Heavy Arrows: 460 grains and above

Lighter crossbow bolts shoot faster than heavier ones, but at the expense of less kinetic energy at impact. On the other hand, heavier crossbow bolts provide more kinetic energy, essential for better penetration while hunting. TenPoint recommends a certain bolt weight based on the specific crossbow model, which should be followed for optimal results.

In conclusion, choosing the best bolts for a TenPoint crossbow depends on various factors such as materials, construction, bolt length, and weight. By understanding these aspects, users can make informed decisions to select the appropriate bolts for their crossbow and achieve the desired performance.

Choosing the Right Bolt for Your TenPoint Crossbow

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Bolt Compatibility

When selecting new bolts for your TenPoint crossbow, it is essential to ensure that they are compatible with your specific model. TenPoint offers a variety of crossbow factory arrows, including carbon and aluminum crossbow bolts, designed to work effectively and safely with their crossbows. Make sure to consult your crossbow’s user manual and product specifications to determine the appropriate length, diameter, and nock type required for your crossbow.

Bolt Weight Selection

The weight of the bolt plays a significant role in the performance, accuracy, and kinetic energy of your shot. Generally, TenPoint crossbow bolts come in various weights, ranging from 370 grains to 425 grains, with 100-grain field points.

To select the right bolt weight for your needs, consider the following factors:

  • Velocity and Trajectory: Lighter bolts tend to have a flatter trajectory, which offers a quicker shot, increasing the chances of hitting your target. However, lighter bolts may be more susceptible to wind drift, affecting your accuracy over long distances.
  • Kinetic Energy and Penetration: Heavier bolts deliver more kinetic energy upon impact, leading to greater penetration into the target. This can be particularly important when hunting large game, where deep penetration is necessary for a humane and efficient kill.

Here are some common TenPoint crossbow bolt options with their respective weights:

Bolt TypeTotal Weight (with 100-grain field point)
20″ Pro Lite Carbon Arrow370 grains
20″ Pro Elite Carbon Arrow425 grains

In conclusion, it is essential to choose the correct bolt for your TenPoint crossbow, and the right weight based on your shooting preferences and the specific game you are targeting. Be sure to consult your crossbow’s user manual and product specifications for guidance on finding the best bolt for your needs, and never compromise on safety.

Impact on Performance

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Speed and Kinetic Energy

Selecting the best bolts for your TenPoint crossbow can have a significant impact on performance, especially in terms of speed and kinetic energy. A bolt with a higher grain weight typically results in higher kinetic energy. For example, Evo-X CenterPunch bolts with a grain weight of around 425 can reach a speed of 432 FPS. These bolts deliver a powerful and fast shot that increases the knock-down force and penetration capability of the crossbow, especially for hunting purposes.

On the other hand, lighter bolts offer increased speed but may sacrifice some kinetic energy, which leads to less stopping power. It is crucial to strike a balance between speed and kinetic energy for optimal performance in different scenarios.

Accuracy and Precision

Bolt choice can significantly influence the accuracy and precision of a TenPoint crossbow. Factors that affect accuracy and precision include the bolt’s spine consistency, straightness, and weight. 

Well-made bolts, like the Wicked Ridge Match 400 Alpha-Nock, can increase accuracy and consistency in shooting.

  • Material: Bolts made from materials like carbon offer better straightness and consistency than other materials, which helps improve accuracy.
  • Fletchings: Consistent and well-balanced fletchings play a vital role in stabilizing the bolt in flight, leading to improved precision.
  • Nocks: The type of nock used can also impact performance. For TenPoint crossbows, the new rounded nocks found in the Evo-X CenterPunch bolts can potentially enhance shooting consistency.

It is essential to choose bolts that complement your TenPoint crossbow’s specifications and consider your shooting style or purpose. Ultimately, investing in high-quality bolts can lead to improved performance and a more satisfying shooting experience.

Components of a Crossbow Bolt

Crossbow bolts are an essential component of your TenPoint crossbow setup. Understanding the different parts and their functions is vital to achieving optimal shooting performance. In this section, we will explore the components of a crossbow bolt, with a focus on nocks, fletching, inserts, and points.

Nocks and Fletching

Nocks are the small notches located at the back end of a crossbow bolt. They help keep the bolt securely in place on the crossbow string during the shooting process. TenPoint crossbows mainly use two types of nocks: flat nocks and rounded nocks. Flat nocks have a flat end surface, while rounded nocks are designed with a rounded end to improve contact with the string for increased accuracy.

Fletching refers to the small stabilizing structures found at the rear end of the bolt. These are typically vanes made from plastic or other lightweight materials that assist in stabilizing the bolt’s flight. Standard fletching configurations include 3-vane and 4-vane designs, with the former being more common for TenPoint crossbows.

Here’s a brief overview of the nocks and fletching components:

NockSecure bolt on string; maintain contact during shotFlat, rounded
FletchingStabilize bolt during flightPlastic vanes

Inserts and Points

Inserts are small components, often made from brass, that are inserted into the front end of a crossbow bolt. They provide a connection point for the bolt’s point or broadhead and add weight to the front of the bolt for better balance during flight.

Points refer to the tips that are attached to the inserts. The most common point is the field point, which is used for target practice. Field points come in various grain weights and diameters to match your specific TenPoint crossbow model. Hunters may opt for broadheads designed to inflict maximum damage on the game for ethical, quick kills. These can come in fixed or mechanical blade designs, with weights typically ranging from 100 to 125 grains.

In summary, here are the main components and their functions in a TenPoint crossbow bolt setup:

InsertProvide connection point for point; add weight to boltBrass
PointPenetrate target; designed for specific purposesField point, broadhead

By understanding these crossbow bolt components and their functions, you can ensure more consistent and accurate shooting performance with your TenPoint crossbow.

Specialized Bolts for Hunting

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When it comes to crossbow hunting, choosing the right bolts is crucial for optimal performance and success. In this section, we discuss important factors to consider when selecting specialized bolts for your TenPoint crossbow.

Broadheads and Penetration

One of the key elements to consider for hunting crossbow bolts is the type of broadhead used. Broadheads are the sharp, cutting-edge tips of bolts, designed to maximize penetration upon hitting the target. A high-quality broadhead can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of a bolt, especially in terms of penetration and lethality.

There are three main types of broadheads, each with unique characteristics:

  1. Fixed-blade broadheads: The most traditional type, featuring a fixed cutting edge that does not change upon impact. They are highly accurate and reliable, but may require more maintenance to keep their edges sharp.
  2. Mechanical broadheads: These broadheads have retractable blades that deploy upon impact, allowing for greater cutting diameter and increased penetration. However, they can be less durable and more prone to mechanical issues.
  3. Hybrid broadheads: Combining the best attributes of fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads, hybrids offer a balance of accuracy, penetration, and durability.

In general, greater penetration is desirable for hunting larger game with thicker hides and stronger bone structures, while smaller game may not require as much penetration.

Bolt Weight and Game Size

Another important factor to consider is the bolt’s weight, as it directly impacts the crossbow’s efficiency and effectiveness in hunting various game sizes. Typically, bolt weights range from 350 to 425 grains, with lighter bolts offering faster speeds, while heavier bolts provide more kinetic energy and penetration. The choice ultimately depends on the type of game you plan to hunt and your specific crossbow model.

Here is a general guideline on matching bolt weight with game size:

  • Small game (e.g., rabbits, squirrels): Lighter bolts (350-375 grains) with speed and accuracy.
  • Medium game (e.g., deer, antelope): Mid-weight bolts (375-400 grains) for the balance of speed and penetration.
  • Large game (e.g., elk, moose): Heavier bolts (400-425 grains) with a focus on penetration and kinetic energy.

In conclusion, selecting specialized bolts for hunting with a TenPoint crossbow involves considering factors such as broadhead type, penetration, and bolt weight. By understanding the target game size and optimizing these variables, hunters can greatly enhance their crossbow hunting performance.

Bolt Selection by Use Case

When choosing the best bolts for your TenPoint crossbow, it’s important to consider the intended use. In this section, we will discuss bolt selection for two popular use cases: target shooting and competitive archery.

Target Shooting

Target shooting typically involves practicing at various distances to improve accuracy and build confidence with your crossbow. For this purpose, it’s important to select bolts that have a high level of straightness, as this can greatly impact accuracy at long range. The TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch bolts are a great option, as they offer high straightness and weight consistency.

It’s also useful to choose bolts with lighted nocks for target shooting, as they make it easier to see where your bolts are landing, especially in low-light conditions. The TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch with Alpha-Blaze Lighted Nocks is an excellent choice for this purpose.

A few key factors to consider for target shooting include:

  • Straightness: Opt for bolts with a high straightness rating, typically 0.001″ to 0.003″.
  • Weight consistency: Consistent weight among bolts ensures predictable shooting performance.
  • Lighted nocks: Useful for tracking bolt flight and for practicing in low-light conditions.

Competitive Archery

In competitive archery, every detail matters, as even slight differences in bolt performance can impact your results. For this reason, it’s crucial to select bolts that have top-notch accuracy, consistency, and durability.

The EVO-X CenterPunch bolts are again recommended due to their high straightness and consistency. If you’re looking to customize your bolts further to match your specific equipment setup and preferences, many competitive archers opt for custom-made bolts specific to their requirements.

Some important aspects to consider for competitive archery include:

  • Bolt weight: Heavier bolts generally provide better downrange accuracy, but may sacrifice speed.
  • Fletching: High-quality fletching ensures stable flight path and contributes to accuracy.
  • Nocks: Choose nocks that are compatible with your crossbow to ensure a secure fit and optimal performance.

In both target shooting and competitive archery, prioritizing accuracy, consistency, and durability of your bolts will help you to feel confident and achieve your desired performance with your TenPoint crossbow.

Technological Advancements in Bolts

In recent years, crossbow bolts have experienced significant improvements, particularly in terms of performance and accuracy. The integration of advanced materials and designs has led to the development of bolts tailored to various crossbow models, such as the TenPoint crossbow. For instance, the Carbon Express Maxima lines of bolts have become popular due to their innovative construction, blending strength and precision.

One key innovation in crossbow bolt technology is the introduction of the Omni-Nock and Alpha-Nock systems. These nock designs, developed by TenPoint, enable better string-to-nock engagement, ensuring a more consistent shot and reducing the risk of string derailment.

Additionally, TenPoint offers bolts with micro-grooves along the carbon shaft, which provides numerous benefits:

  1. Improved accuracy
  2. Increased penetration
  3. Enhanced stability during flight

These micro-grooves result in a sleeker and more aerodynamic bolt, allowing for superior performance even at extended ranges.

The use of carbon fiber in bolt construction, notably in the Easton carbon fiber shaft, leads to an enhanced strength-to-weight ratio, creating lightweight yet durable bolts that are well-suited for consistent and powerful shots.

In conclusion, advancements in bolt technology have greatly improved the performance of crossbow bolts, making them stronger, more accurate, and overall more efficient. These innovations, such as carbon express maxima, omni-nock, alpha-nock, and micro-grooves, contribute significantly to ensuring a successful and enjoyable crossbow hunting experience, particularly when using TenPoint crossbows.

Safety Considerations

When using a TenPoint crossbow, safety is of utmost importance. One crucial aspect to consider is the type of bolts used with it, as different crossbow manufacturer may provide varying specifications. In particular, TenPoint recommends using the Wicked Ridge Match 400 Alpha-Nock for optimal safety and performance.

Bolts play a vital role in crossbow safety, directly impacting the stability, accuracy, and overall shooting experience. Here are some essential crossbow safety tips to follow:

  • Make sure the string and limbs are in good shape
  • Tighten all assembly bolts, as they may loosen over time
  • Never aim your crossbow at a person, whether loaded or unloaded
  • Avoid dry firing your crossbow, as it can damage limbs and cause injury

While choosing bolts for your TenPoint crossbow, it’s essential to ensure they match the specifications provided by the manufacturer. The Wicked Ridge Crossbow Match 400 Alpha-Nock is designed to provide superior performance and safety for TenPoint crossbows.

Some specific features of these bolts include:

  • 400 grains total weight for optimal balance and accuracy
  • Alpha-Nock ensuring secure attachment to the string for consistent shots
  • Precision engineered for TenPoint crossbow models
  • High-quality materials for superior strength and durability

In addition to using the recommended bolts, it is vital to maintain your crossbow regularly. TenPoint suggests applying one drop of oil to both sides of the safety slide through the safety knob window in the trigger box to keep the safety mechanism functioning smoothly.

Maintenance and Care for Longevity

When it comes to extending the life of your TenPoint crossbow bolts, it is essential to follow proper maintenance procedures and select bolts with high durability, straightness tolerance, and weight tolerance.

Durability is crucial for the overall longevity of your crossbow bolts. Choosing bolts made from strong materials, such as carbon, can help ensure they withstand repeated usage without bending or breaking. Carbon bolts often perform better than aluminum bolts due to their higher durability and lighter weight.

In addition to durability, straightness tolerance is another vital factor in maintaining bolt performance. Bolts with a lower straightness tolerance (e.g., 0.001-inch) are considered higher quality and will fly more accurately over time. Investing in bolts with good straightness tolerance can enhance your crossbow’s accuracy and ensure optimal results while hunting.

Likewise, weight tolerance plays a role in bolt longevity. Bolts with tighter weight tolerances (e.g., +/- 1 grain) will perform more consistently and reduce wear and tear on your crossbow. Consistency in bolt weight reduces the risk of erratic arrow flight, improving accuracy and prolonging crossbow life.

Maintenance procedures are also essential to ensure longevity for your TenPoint crossbow bolts. Some maintenance tips to consider include:

  • Periodically checking the tightness of all screws, nuts, and bolts on your crossbow. Ensure they are hand tight to avoid over-tightening.
  • Applying rust-protective oil to parts on the crossbow susceptible to rust and moisture.
  • Lubricating all moving parts that need it.
  • Regularly inspecting the condition of your cocking device.
  • Changing the string and cables on your crossbow every two years to maintain top shooting shape.

By following these steps and prioritizing the right bolt characteristics, you can optimize the performance and longevity of your TenPoint crossbow bolts, ensuring an enjoyable experience for years to come.

Cost-Effectiveness and Best Value

When considering the purchase of bolts for your TenPoint crossbow, it’s essential to balance cost-effectiveness and value. No matter your budget, finding a bolt that offers quality, durability, and performance is crucial for a successful hunting experience.

One option to consider is the TenPoint Pro Lite 20-Inch Carbon bolt. While it offers adequate shooting accuracy, its price may make it accessible for hunters on a budget, yet still, maintain excellent value.

Alternatively, the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter offers, arguably, the best budget option. These bolts are known for their reliability and quality, making them a popular choice among many crossbow enthusiasts. Price-wise, they don’t break the bank, but they still provide good value for money.

A high-performance option worth considering is the Wicked Ridge Match 400 Alpha Nock. With its stellar accuracy and power, the investment in these bolts will not disappoint avid hunters. While they may come with a higher price tag compared to other options, the performance can justify the cost.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Bolt NamePerformanceBudget-Friendliness
TenPoint Pro Lite 20-Inch CarbonGoodGood
Carbon Express Maxima HunterVery GoodExcellent
Wicked Ridge Match 400 Alpha-NockExcellentFair

In summary, the perfect choice of bolts for your TenPoint crossbow should be based on your priorities, whether it’s price, performance, or a balance between the two. By considering the cost-effectiveness and value of each option, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect match for your hunting needs.

Where to Buy TenPoint Crossbow Bolts

When looking for the best crossbow bolts for your TenPoint crossbow, it’s essential to find a reliable source that offers a variety of options and crossbow accessories. One such place is the official TenPoint Crossbows website, where you can find a wide range of crossbow arrows, shoot bolts, and accessories specifically designed for TenPoint crossbows.

In addition to the official TenPoint website, there are also other reputable retailers, both online and physical stores, that offer TenPoint crossbow products. For instance, OutdoorHub provides valuable tips and guidance when it comes to choosing the best bolts for your crossbow on the market today, while SCHEELS offers a selection of TenPoint crossbows and bolts for sale.

For TenPoint Archery enthusiasts, here’s a list of some well-known retailers that carry TenPoint crossbow bolts:

Keep in mind that some of these retailers may not always offer the exact same products or prices, so be sure to compare your options before making a purchase.

When shopping for TenPoint crossbow bolts, remember to consider factors such as bolt length, material (such as aluminum or carbon fiber), weight, fletching style, and nock type to ensure you choose a bolt that matches your TenPoint crossbow and your hunting or shooting preferences.

In conclusion, finding the best TenPoint crossbow bolts is made easier by exploring multiple trusted sources, keeping your crossbow specifications in mind, and taking the time to compare the best option. Good luck and Happy shopping!

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