Unveiling the 9 Best Fixed Broadhead for Crossbow: A Comprehensive Guide for Hunters

With the upcoming hunting season fast approaching, the task of choosing the best crossbow broadheads can feel daunting.

There’s a plethora of shapes, weights, and blade deployment styles available, making the decision a tough one for every crossbow hunter.

But the broadhead you choose can significantly impact your hunt’s success, making the selection process even more crucial.

This guide will delve into the top fixed-blade broadheads, providing comprehensive details to help you pick the right one for your needs.

Remember, the “best” crossbow broadheads often come down to personal preference.

Understanding Broadhead Basics

Before diving into the top fixed-blade broadheads, it’s essential to grasp the basics of broadheads. 

These hunting tools can make or break your hunt, having a significant impact on factors like penetration, accuracy, and blood trail.

In preparation for the upcoming season, every crossbow hunter should understand the various types, shapes, and blade deployment styles of broadheads. 

Ultimately, the best crossbow broadheads will come down to your individual hunting style and personal preference.

Differentiating Fixed-Blade and Mechanical Broadheads

The debate between fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads is a common one among crossbow hunters.

Historically, the reliability of fixed blades was preferred by most hunters.

However, in recent years, the best mechanical broadheads have seen improvements in effectiveness, causing some to reconsider their stance.

It’s important to note, however, that some higher profile hunters still feel that a mechanical type of broadhead can be unreliable in high-pressure situations.

Understanding the differences between these two types of broadheads is crucial when making your selection.

Key Features of Best Broadheads

Cutting Diameter

The cutting diameter of a broadhead is a critical factor when it comes to hunting.

A larger cutting diameter can result in more substantial wounds, potentially leading to a quicker kill.

However, a broadhead with a larger cutting diameter may also require more power behind it to effectively reach vital organs.

Hence, it’s crucial to find a balance that works best for your hunting style and crossbow capabilities.

Shock Collars

The shock collar is an essential component of a fixed broadhead.

It’s the part that absorbs the kinetic energy upon impact, reducing the potential for damage to the broadhead.

It ensures that the blades stay intact and robust during the hit, thereby enhancing the broadhead’s overall performance.

Grain Weight

Selecting the grain weight of your broadhead is a crucial decision that can influence the trajectory and penetration power of your crossbow.

Grain options essentially reflect the weight of the broadhead, and they typically range between 100 to 150 grains.

The right grain weight largely depends on your crossbow’s speed and draw weight.

Blade Tip

The blade tip of a fixed broadhead is another key feature to consider.

This component is responsible for the initial cut upon impact, paving the way for the rest of the blades.

A well-designed blade tip can significantly increase the broadhead’s penetration power, thereby ensuring a quick and humane kill.

Number of Blades

The number of blades on a fixed broadhead can also affect its performance.

Broadheads usually come with two, three, or four blades, each offering different levels of damage.

More blades tend to create larger wound channels, but they may also slow down the arrow.

Therefore, choosing the right number of blades requires a balance between speed and damage.

How to Choose the Best Fixed Broadhead for Your Crossbow

Choosing the best crossbow broadheads for the hunting season can be overwhelming due to the numerous options available.

However, understanding the basics of fixed-blade broadheads can significantly simplify this process.

The ideal broadhead should have a suitable grain weight, an efficient shock collar, a sharp blade tip, and an appropriate number of blades for your crossbow hunting needs.

Ultimately, the “best” is subjective and largely depends on personal preference, but these factors can guide you towards a more informed decision.


A good fixed broadhead for crossbows should be capable of deep penetration, allowing for a clean and swift kill.

This factor is crucial as it determines if the broadhead can reach the vital organs of the game.

A broadhead that penetrates deeply can easily hit the vital organs, ensuring a successful hunting expedition.


The best crossbow broadheads are not only sharp and strong but also accurate.

Accuracy is an essential attribute of a broadhead as it influences the likelihood of hitting your target.

Even the sharpest broadhead will be of no use if it cannot hit the target accurately.

Therefore, when choosing a broadhead, consider its accuracy in conjunction with other factors.

Wound Channel

The wound channel created by a broadhead is another vital factor to consider.

A broadhead that creates a wide wound channel can cause more damage to the vital organs, leading to a quicker kill.

However, a wide wound channel should not compromise the penetration of the broadhead.

Both factors are essential for a successful hunt.

Blood Trail

The blood trail left by a broadhead after hitting the target is a critical factor as well.

A broadhead that leaves a clear and visible blood trail makes tracking the game much easier.

This is especially important in hunting situations where the game might run off after being hit.

An easily traceable blood trail can lead the hunter to the wounded game quickly.

Detailed Reviews of the Top Fixed Broadheads for Modern Crossbows

In the following section, we will delve into the characteristics of some of the best crossbow broadheads on the market.

These fixed-blade broadheads are part of the essential hunting gear for any crossbow hunter.

We will discuss their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision about which broadhead is the best for your crossbow and hunting needs.

1/ Excalibur Boltcutter 100 Grain Broadhead – 3 Pack

The Excalibur Boltcutter is a high-quality fixed broadhead that has earned a spot among the best crossbow broadheads.

This accurate broadhead is made from high-strength stainless steel, ensuring durability even under the toughest conditions.

Notably, it features a Center Lock System, which allows easy blade changes without the need to remove the broadhead from the bolt.

With a 100 grain weight and a 1-1/16in cutting diameter, this broadhead delivers a devastating terminal performance.


One of the biggest pros of the Excalibur Boltcutter is its durable stainless steel construction.

This feature allows it to withstand tough impacts, making it a reliable choice for hunters.

Additionally, its Center Lock System is a unique feature that offers outstanding durability and accuracy.

This system simplifies the process of changing main blades, eliminating the need to remove the broadhead from the bolt.

Furthermore, the Excalibur Boltcutter delivers excellent terminal performance, thanks to its 100 grain weight and 1-1/16in cutting diameter.


Despite its many positives, the Excalibur Boltcutter is not without its downsides.

The main drawback is its price, which may be a bit on the higher end for some hunters.

Additionally, while the Center Lock System simplifies blade changes, it may require some time to get used to, especially for beginners.

Also, while the broadhead delivers high terminal performance, it might not be suitable for small game hunting due to its weight and cutting diameter.

2/ Excalibur Boltcutter 125 Grain Broadhead – 3 Pack

Another top choice among the best crossbow broadheads is the Excalibur Boltcutter 125 grain broadhead.

This accurate broadhead is constructed from robust stainless steel, ensuring it withstands the test of time and use.

Its Center Lock System allows for ease of blade changes without having to remove the broadhead from the bolt.

The broadhead delivers a superior terminal performance with a cutting diameter of 1-1/16in, making it a perfect companion for professional hunters who view this broadhead as the best.


The Excalibur Boltcutter 125 grain broadhead shines for its durability, thanks to its stainless steel construction.

This ensures it handles harsh conditions with ease.

The Center Lock System is another significant advantage, allowing for seamless blade changes without removing the broadhead from the bolt.

With a 125 grain weight and a cutting diameter of 1-1/16in, the broadhead delivers an impressive terminal performance, making it a favorite among professional hunters.

3/ G5 Montec M3 Broadhead

Regarded as one of the best crossbow broadheads, the G5 Montec M3 Broadhead stands out for its impressive features.

This American-made broadhead is a solid one-piece closed vent design, ensuring a quiet flight, which is a desirable trait for hunters.

The G5 Montec is razor sharp, made entirely from stainless steel, and its one-piece MIM construction guarantees long-lasting durability.

With a cutting diameter of 1-1/16 inches, the Montec M3 offers excellent penetration due to its cut-on-contact design.
It also boasts a 100% spin test, ensuring an accurate flight, which is crucial for a successful hunting experience.


The G5 Montec M3 Broadhead is celebrated for its quiet flight, a result of its unique closed vent design.

The razor sharp, stainless steel construction ensures durability and excellent penetration.

The one-piece design adds to its strength, while the 1-1/16 inches cutting diameter guarantees an effective cut.

The broadhead’s 100% spin test ensures that it provides an accurate flight, making it a reliable choice for hunters.


Despite the many benefits, the G5 Montec M3 Broadhead does have some drawbacks.

Its one-piece construction, although durable, might be a bit heavy for some crossbows.

The 1-1/16 inches cutting diameter, though effective for penetration, may not produce the wide wound channels that some hunters prefer.

Also, the quiet flight, while advantageous for stealth, may compromise the speed of the broadhead, potentially affecting the accuracy of longer shots.

4/ Grim Reaper Pro Series Micro Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead

Another contender in the list of best crossbow broadheads is the Grim Reaper Pro Series Micro Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead.

This hybrid broadhead offers the best of both worlds, combining the flight of a 2 blade fixed broadhead with the devastating wound channel of a mechanical one.

The 4 blade design with a cutting diameter of 1-1/2in x 1-1/16in ensures a sizeable wound, while the field point accuracy is tested for crossbows shooting over 400FPS up to 100 yards.


The Grim Reaper Pro Series Micro Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead is appreciated for its hybrid design, which combines the flight stability of a 2 blade broadhead with the wound channel size of a mechanical one.

This 4 blade design, with a cutting diameter of 1-1/2in x 1-1/16in, ensures a large wound channel.

Moreover, the broadhead’s field point accuracy is tested for high-speed crossbows, making it a reliable choice for hunters in search of precision and power.


Although the Grim Reaper Pro Series Micro Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead has many advantages, it does have some potential downsides.

The hybrid design, while offering a good balance of flight and wound channel size, may not perform as well as specialized broadheads in either category.

The large cutting diameter, while producing substantial wounds, may also reduce the penetration depth.

Lastly, while the broadhead is tested for high-speed crossbows, it may not perform as well with slower models, potentially limiting its versatility.

5/ Cobra Archery Barbarian MXT Broadhead

When it comes to choosing the best crossbow broadheads, the Cobra Archery Barbarian MXT Broadhead stands out.

This broadhead is known for the durability it offers, mainly due to its solid one-piece titanium ferrule construction.

The broadhead features replaceable 420 stainless steel blades that are not just thick, but also extremely strong.

Its unique design means you won’t have to worry about replacing a band or collar, as the blades can be easily pushed back into the closed position, making the broadhead ready to shoot again.

Additionally, the Barbarian MXT’s trocar tip significantly aids in bone-crushing penetration. Available in 100gr and 125gr variants, this broadhead is truly a robust option for hunters.

Available in 100gr and 125gr variants, this broadhead is truly a robust option for hunters.


The Cobra Archery Barbarian MXT Broadhead boasts many advantages.

Its sturdy titanium ferrule is a testament to its durability, making it one of the best crossbow broadheads for long-term use.

The replaceable 420 stainless steel blades are thick and strong, eliminating the need for a band or collar. This feature simplifies the process of setting the broadhead up for another shot.

Moreover, the trocar tip ensures excellent penetration, even through bone.

The broadhead’s availability in both 100gr and 125gr variants offers flexibility for hunters to choose the one that best suits their needs.


Despite its many strengths, the Cobra Archery Barbarian MXT Broadhead does have a few potential drawbacks.

The solid steel construction, while robust, may make the broadhead heavier than other options on the market.

This could affect the flight of the arrow, potentially compromising accuracy.

In addition, while the replaceable blades are strong, they may require frequent sharpening to maintain their cutting edge.

Furthermore, the lack of a band or collar could cause the blades to open prematurely during flight, which could negatively affect arrow components and ultimately, the success of the shot.

Exploring Other Excellent Fixed Broadhead Options

Choosing the best crossbow broadheads for the upcoming hunting season can be daunting given the sheer amount of options available.

Every crossbow hunter knows that the choice of broadhead can make or break a hunt.

With different shapes, blade deployment styles and weights to consider, it’s crucial to find the best fixed-blade broadheads for your long range needs.

This section explores other excellent fixed broadhead options that can enhance your hunting experience.

6/ Excalibur Trailblazer 100 Grain Broadhead

The Excalibur Trailblazer 100 Grain Broadhead ranks among the best crossbow broadheads.

This low-profile head is designed for crossbows that shoot up to 500 fps.

Thanks to its low profile, the broadhead minimizes drag, which results in a flatter shooting and more accurate broadhead at longer distances.

This three-blade crossbow broadhead has a massive 2in cutting diameter, making blood trailing less of a concern.

The Excalibur Trailblazer is available in 100 grain, 125 grain and 150 grain options.


The Excalibur Trailblazer 100 Grain Broadhead is lauded for its accuracy, making it an ideal broadhead for deer hunting.

The three-blade design ensures a wide cutting diameter, resulting in efficient kills.

Furthermore, the broadhead’s low-profile design results in minimal drag, leading to flatter and more accurate shooting even at longer distances.

With the availability of multiple grain options, hunters can choose the one that best suits their high-performance crossbows and hunting needs.


Despite its strengths, the Excalibur Trailblazer 100 Grain Broadhead is not without its drawbacks.

Some hunters might find the absence of mechanical blades limiting, especially those who prefer broadheads with moving parts for their hunts.

Additionally, the broadhead’s design might not be as appealing to hunters who prefer a more traditional look, such as the Muzzy Trocar style broadheads.

7/ Rage Hypodermic Trypan NC Crossbow 100 Grain 2-Pack

Another excellent option in the list of best crossbow broadheads is the Rage Hypodermic Trypan NC Crossbow Broadhead.

Known for their reliability and efficiency, Rage broadheads are a staple in any crossbow hunter’s arsenal.

The Trypan NC Crossbow broadhead features a massive 2-inch cutting diameter, thanks to its razor-sharp machine stamped blades.

Their new No Collar (NC) technology eliminates the need for shock collars, dental bands or O-rings while ensuring 100% reliable blade retention.

This broadhead boasts a hypodermic tip, titanium ferrule rod, and swept-back blade design, all of which contribute to large entry and exit holes for easy blood trailing.

8/ Centerpoint Deadpoint 100g Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead

The Centerpoint Deadpoint 100g Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead is highly ranked among the best crossbow broadheads because of its impressive features.

It is a value-for-money option for hunters, boasting a 2 blade design that guarantees superior performance.

The blades are made from robust stainless steel, promising durability and effectiveness.

The broadhead further offers a massive 2in cutting diameter, a slim profile design, and field point accuracy.

The razor sharp blades are held in place with an O-ring on a 6061 T6 aluminum ferrule, ensuring stability and precision.


The Centerpoint Deadpoint 100g Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead’s main advantage is its affordability without compromising quality.

Its 2 blade mechanical design offers an excellent balance between cutting power and penetration, making it ideal for large game hunting.

The stainless steel blades are razor sharp and provide a large cutting diameter, promising a quick, clean kill.

The aluminum ferrule enhances the broadhead’s strength and durability, while its slim profile design ensures field point accuracy, making it a reliable choice for both experienced and novice hunters.


Despite its numerous benefits, the Centerpoint Deadpoint 100g Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead does have a few drawbacks.

The dependence on an O-ring for blade retention may sometimes be a disadvantage as it could potentially fail under extreme conditions, leading to blade deployment issues.

Furthermore, the razor sharp blades require regular maintenance and sharpening to retain their effectiveness, which may not be suitable for hunters who prefer low-maintenance gear.

Lastly, although the broadhead is affordable, its overall performance may not match up to some of the more premium broadheads in the market.

9/ G5 MegaMeat Crossbow 125gr Broadhead – 3 Pack

As one of the best crossbow broadheads in the market, the G5 MegaMeat Crossbow 125gr Broadhead is a top contender.

Its 3 blade design is known for providing a massive 2in cutting diameter.

This hunting broadhead is tough and designed to bust through bone like no other.

The razor sharp blades are securely retained during flight by a snaplock collar system, ensuring accuracy.

The broadhead also includes a ballistic match point, allowing you to test your crossbow’s sighting without having to use the actual hunting broadheads.


The G5 MegaMeat Crossbow Broadhead is renowned for its large cutting diameter and razor sharp blades.

Its 3 blade design provides a deep penetration, making it ideal for big game hunting.

The snaplock collar system ensures the blades stay secure during flight.

With the addition of the ballistic match point, you can easily sight your crossbow without wasting a broadhead.

This makes it a top pick for many hunters.


Despite its many positives, the G5 MegaMeat Crossbow Broadhead does have a few downsides.

The large cutting diameter might be excessive for smaller game and could lead to unnecessary damage.

The broadhead’s durability is also questionable, making it less suitable for repeated use.

Lastly, it requires a fairly powerful crossbow to ensure the best performance, limiting its versatility.

Common Questions About Fixed Broadheads for Crossbows

When it comes to choosing the best crossbow broadheads, hunters often have a number of questions.

The vast array of options available can be overwhelming. From different shapes and blade deployment styles to various weights, choosing the right broadhead can be a challenge.

This guide aims to answer some common queries and help hunters find the best fixed-blade broadheads for their hunting needs.

Which is Better– Mechanical or Fixed Broadheads?

The debate between mechanical and fixed broadheads is a common one among hunters.

Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Mechanical or expandable broadheads, with their sleek design, tend to fly true just like field tips.

They offer a larger cutting diameter but at the expense of penetration.

On the other hand, fixed broadheads offer better penetration, making them ideal for hunting larger animals.

The choice between the two often comes down to the type of game you’re hunting and personal preference.

How Heavy of a Broadhead Should I Shoot?

The weight of the broadhead you should use largely depends on your personal preference and the type of game you are hunting.

For hunters who prioritize speed, 100 grain broadheads might be the best option.

These lighter blade crossbow broadheads allow for faster shooting speeds, making them ideal for smaller game.

However, if you’re hunting larger animals such as hogs, you might need a heavier broadhead, such as a 125 grain or 150 grain broadhead.

Pairing these heavier fixed blade broadhead with a heavier crossbow bolt will provide more penetration power, enabling them to break through bone more easily.

Always remember to match your broadhead weight with your hunting needs and preferences.

Can You Reuse and Resharpen Crossbow Broadheads?

Yes, it’s possible to reuse and resharpen crossbow broadheads.

While it’s generally recommended to replace the blades of mechanical broadheads, fixed blade broadheads can certainly be sharpened and reused.

There are many broadhead sharpening kits available on the market.

However, it’s crucial to inspect your broadheads thoroughly after each use

Check for any wobble in the spinning and cracks in the blade or ferrule as these can affect the performance of your broadhead.

Moreover, even if you’re using a brand new broadhead straight from the package, always check its sharpness.

Some broadheads may not be as sharp as the manufacturer claims, so a little touch-up might be necessary before use.

Final Verdict: Selecting the Best Fixed Broadhead for Your Crossbow

Choosing the best crossbow broadheads can indeed be a daunting task given the myriad options available.

There’s a plethora to consider from different blade deployment styles, weights, and shapes.

However, when it comes to fixed broadheads, certain standout features can guide your selection.

For example, a stainless steel broadhead, such as the G5 Outdoors Montec, is highly recommended.

It’s designed with an internal spring system to retain the blades securely, ensuring they are rear deploying.

This design allows for speeds of up to 400 fps, yielding the best results.

A hardened steel broadhead is another excellent option that offers extreme penetration, crucial for reaching the internal organs of your game.

The cutting diameters of these broadheads also play a significant role in their effectiveness.

Broadheads with larger cutting diameters, like the ones used for deer hunting, often provide a larger wound channel, aiding in quicker and more humane kills.

Ultimately, the best fixed broadhead for your crossbow should maximize penetration and leave a substantial blood trail for easy tracking.

Whichever broadhead you choose, ensure it aligns with your hunting goals and crossbow specifications.

This way, you can confidently embark on your hunting season, assured of a high-performance broadhead that suits your needs perfectly.

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